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This blog is a quick introduction to my problems with Javascript, How I feel about Javascript and what I discovered while learning this painful, intricate yet fun and awesome programming language. I certainly like to think that there are no limitations to what I can accomplish, and only thing that can stop me is myself and I. Before starting this Journey of Coding, I had zero knowledge about programming and now I’ve learned so much. However it has been very difficult, and perhaps one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life. That being said, when I began…

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It is often easy to forget how impactful technology is. It’s okay though, it’s not entirely our fault. Every year technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and we’re often hit with new devices, new upgrades, etc. It’s almost as if we have been desensitized to how quickly we are moving forward. However, I can’t help to notice how many people forget how much this all means for us and our blue planet. In fact, perhaps one of the reasons why everything is moving so fast is because most of the development of all our technology is dependent to one…

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Many of you may be looking into the Tech industry, and I will say …Good on you! After all like myself, you may be feeling the sense of doing something new, perhaps be involved in a field that’s always improving and evolving. Well, you are absolutely right. In this industry there are many possibilities for success. Your will and imagination can take you to high places.

There are hundreds if not thousands of videos, blogs, news articles, that speak about the Tech Industry. However, my goal will be focused on telling you the honest truth on whether it’s worth it…

Israel Lucca Canessa

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